Sourdough Flapjacks (Batch of Six)


What’s more comforting than a stack of warm, homemade pancakes topped with fresh berries and sweet maple syrup? When made with sourdough, they become uniquely different: they’re extra fluffy, super flavourful and easier to digest.



  • Sourdough flapjacks are made with a sourdough starter, which is a fermented mix of flour and natural yeasts that help the flapjacks rise.

  • It is more digestible than regular flapjacks because the fermentation process breaks down gluten that can cause bloating and other digestive problems.

  • The lactic acid in sourdough flapjacks helps your body to absorb more of the nutrients than you would from regular flapjacks.

Order in Advance

Please note that we only bake six batches of each sourdough product per day, to make sure that they are as fresh as possible.

I will confirm via WhatsApp, SMS or email when the next slot becomes available, and how many batches there are left.

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